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About Us

We're here to keep the spirit and traditions of Kye Bay alive and flourishing. 

Kye Bay Cottages has a long history of nurturing that time away from daily life to foster connections with your family. 

This year Kye Bay has welcomed back the fifth generation of vacationers! 

Kye Bay Cottages has created a space where traditions are birthed and community flourishes, be that via our inviting communal spaces or the well-cultivated and laid-back, summer-camp vibes. Old and new guests alike are sure to feel welcomed into the Kye Bay fold. 

The ownership of Kye Bay cottages has changed this year, but as the new families that have invested in this property, we are committed to preserving the charm and legacy that this cherished spot has provided for so many years. 

We look forward to meeting you and enjoying many more years of memories at Kye Bay!

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